Sunglasses – The Key To Your Holiday Wardrobe

You know what they say, “twice the money and half the clothes”. It’s the perfect mantra for going on holiday. Like most good advice, however, it’s not much fun. Traveling means you should have a flexible wardrobe. Dress up if you want to and enjoy a day at the beach if that’s on your agenda. Then, there’s sightseeing, shopping, sunning…your wardrobe has to work hard for you.

When I travel, I like to start with one item and go from there. In the winter, it’s always a coat. But in the summer, you have more choice. It might be a pair of amazing gladiator sandals from Debenhams or splash out on a pair from Net-a-Porter. You could also choose a great dress you plan to wear more than once, and don’t forget the power of a handbag.

SUN035-MAR-SUN-FRONT-LOW_117a2d6d-e84b-45cc-8d69-ac6d07a4e451.jpg (2997×2000)

Once you’ve got the single wardrobe item that defines your look, finding the right sunglasses and accessories is easy. If it’s metallic sandals you’re starting with, why not go with a strikingly simple pair of black sunglasses like Savoy, or something a bit hipper like some old school cool Oakley glasses. Or, if a fabulous fringed bag is on your list, think aviator classic like Take Off for a cool 70s vibe. For those of you who are planning a more active holiday, why not have a look at some activity sunglasses. It might sound like complete death in the cool stakes, but brands have come on a long way and have a decent amount of fashion sense these days. These sunglasses combine the right level of style and performance that you just can’t go wrong.

Ok, so you’ve heard my holiday essentials, what are you planning to take on your holidays?