6 Of The Safest Countries In The World To Visit

There are many different indicators to measure safety and peacefulness when choosing a travel destination. Some could be related to the probability of conflicts, both external and internal, while others could be related to the level of discord within a nation which could significantly affect the level of peacefulness. Another important indicator is the level of militarization. Finding a safe travel destination is important and by doing some research, you should be able to travel without worry to many countries around the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the safest countries in the world to visit. However, just because a country isn’t included in this list, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe. If you are planning a trip, you should consider visiting these countries:

The 6 Safest Countries In The World To Visit

Ireland- decades ago, Ireland was known for political terror and instability. But today, the country has reached a significant level of peacefulness. There are many beautiful spots and islands that you can visit in Ireland, making it one of the best travel destinations in the UK.

Singapore- Singapore is a well-organized and well-developed city state in South East Asia. It earns a bragging right for having one of the lowest risks of internal and external conflicts. Singapore is also known for its high societal safety.

Czech Republic- after its peaceful split with Slovakia, Czech Republic continues to prosper. The country is known for its low incidences of violent crime. When visiting Czech Republic, you can enjoy its beautiful nature and pleasant European-styled cities.

Canada- Canada is known for being more peaceful and civilized than its southern neighbour. Much of the country is wilderness and it’s sparsely populated. Other than Toronto and many other large Canadian cities, you can also visit the country’s many peaceful towns and villages.

Denmark- Denmark ranks high on the list of the happiest countries and it’s also one of the safest. When visiting Denmark, the only source of dispute would be whether it’s better to go there during the relatively warm summer or to enjoy the North Sea coast during winter.

Portugal- located at the westernmost corner of the European mainland, it’s one of the most underrated countries when it comes to travel. Portugal is known for its relative affordability and even in the capital city, Lisbon, you will find plenty of low-cost activities. Portugal is also known for its beautiful coasts and warm weather.

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