Greece Road Tips

A road trip around Greece comes complimentary with beautiful sea views, historical sites, and delicious food around every corner. While island hopping using ferries is the most common way to travel around Greece, a road trip allows you to completely immerse yourself in the country.

If you’re going to take a road trip around Greece, remember to ensure that you have an international driver’s license. It’s affordable, and you can get it easily by applying to the issuing body.

Four Greek Road Trips You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Before you begin your road trip, consider thinking about the number of days you have and how many locations you want to visit. The capital city of Athens is an ideal place to start your road trip since it lets you easily connect to and reach picturesque locations and cities.

Here are four Greek road trips for your next adventure in Greece:

Athens to Meteora

Meteora is a natural paradise and home to six monasteries perched on the edge of the cliff. These monasteries, first constructed in the fourteenth century, offer beautiful views of greenery across the surrounding valleys.

The location is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known as the largest archaeological site in Greece.

Just around 355kms to the northwest of Athens, there are places you can visit along the way as well. On your way to Meteora, stop by the town of Lamia to enjoy the food. From here, you can also take a small detour to visit Delphi, where you’ll find the famous Oracle of Delphi.

When you reach Meteora, you’ll find six monasteries that act as major tourist draws. There were twenty-four monasteries, but now only six are operational.

The Peloponnesian Journey

A road trip you can’t miss out on is on the stretch along the southern tip of Greece. Drive to Nafpilo from Athens, and you’ll find yourself in the previous capital of the country. Enjoy the historic buildings that promote nostalgia along every street corner, and get ready for a road trip with some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see.

From Nafpilo, visit Mystra and Sparta, both bearing unique personalities and histories of their own. At Sparta, learn about the mythic Greek heroes who were feared by everyone. Remember to indulge in the wines of the Peloponnese, often regarded as some of the best in the country.

Athens to Thessaloniki

One of the most popular Greece road trips, the splendid sights along the coast make this road trip an unmissable one. To reach Thessaloniki, you’ll need to drive past Lamia, well known for its delicious food. From there, drive to Larissa. Here, you can enjoy the sights of the Pinios River.

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As you drive towards Thessaloniki, you’ll come across Mount Olympus, visible from the coast. When you reach Thessaloniki, remember to watch the seafront parade at the Byzantine churches. The meze bars in Thessaloniki are really popular. A local dish you can’t miss is ‘bougatsa’, which is a sweet dessert of filo pastry with a cream filling.

Thessaloniki to Skiathos

If you’ve driven all the way to Thessaloniki, then try to keep this next location in your itinerary as well. On this road trip, you can visit Mount Olympus and enjoy some of the most beautiful sites in the country.

To reach Skiathos, you’ll need to take a ferry for the final leg of the journey. Visit Skiathos to enjoy pristine white beaches, dark coves, and the sight of hills filled with pine trees.

Is This The Ultimate Road Trip List?

You can personalize your itinerary any way you like. However, if you have a limited amount of time and want to visit many places in Greece, then try these tips. If you’re looking for a place to stay, try Worldwide Apartments.

Worldwide Apartments will help you find your perfect rest stops as you take your road trip around Greece.

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