6 Reasons To Visit and Get The Billigste Leiebil i Oslo

6 Reasons To Visit and Get The Billigste Leiebil i Oslo

Some visitors to Europe miss out on Oslo, a stunning city in located in Norway. We’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t be one of them!

Even though it is stunning, it is often overshadowed by the beautiful fjords and other scenery associated with traditional Nordic fairy tales.

Even if you won’t be able to see the northern lights very good from the city’s location, Oslo is a wonderful blend of classic and modern buildings and other worthy trademarks that will leave you wanting more.

It has a fairy-tale setting and is lovely throughout the year. So if you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a another slightly medieval universe, you should definitely put Oslo on your travel list. Here is a list of additional reasons to visit Oslo, in case that isn’t enough to convince you.

Rich history


If you’ve never been to Europe before, you might be surprised by how different Oslo is from the other major cities in the continent. The unique Nordic architecture and mild winters are only part of the amazing experience it offers. And it’s especially true because, despite its age, the city we know today is very new.

Archeologists have determined that Oslo is at least a thousand years old. The city, which the Vikings established, became the royal residence in the 13th century. So, if you’re a history geek, you’re in a for a real treat!

Unfortunately, the city had to deal with a lot of fires throughout its history. It was for this reason that in the 17th century it was decided it had to be reconstructed.

The Museum of Oslo is the first place to go if you’re interested in the city’s history. The more you learn about its history, the worldlier you become. When you go home, you can brag to your friends how much you’ve learned!

Breathtaking museums

Surprise, surprise, the Museum of Oslo is not the only museum in Oslo you need to check out!

From the history of the Vikings to the evolution of Norwegian pop culture, Oslo’s thirty museums cover it all. Those interested in the historical part of the city, the arts, the sciences, and the technological advances of the present will all have something to enjoy.

Apart from the Natural History Museum and the History Museum, the city also features a number of other, more off-the-beaten-path exhibitions and museums that you’d die for.

For example, The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway, houses a collection of ships and grave items recovered from Viking burial sites along the Oslo Fjord. The museum provides a window into a way of life that has inspired countless stories over the world. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The International Museum of Children’s Art is the place to go if you want to see something different from the typical museum experience. Children from over a hundred different countries have contributed artwork to this exhibit.

The Nobel Peace Center, the Labor Museum, and the Museum of Norwegian Pop Music are the others that definitely deserve any tourist’s attention. So, go nuts!

Wonderful landmarks

Visiting Oslo is worthwhile for reasons other than its history and museum collections. Its many historic and architectural treasures are another source of civic pride.

The Imperial Palace looks like the more well-known Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. In the summer, the gardens surrounding the building are a sight to behold. There are public tours of the palace available throughout the summer months. Not only is the palace’s inside stunning, but the grounds are also quite lovely.

The Oslo Cathedral is yet another stunning gem of Norwegian architecture. Beautiful on the outside and inside, this baroque structure has a stunningly lavish interior.

Akershus Castle and the Oslo City Hall are two further landmarks in the Norwegian capital that simply must be explored!

And if city living starts to wear you down, have no fear! Hiking routes radiate out from the city center, catering to the avid outdoor enthusiasts who populate Norway. If you happen to be in Oslo between May and September, this is a fantastic way to kill time and escape the city.

Mouthwatering dishes

If you’re not trying out the local cuisine in Oslo, what are you doing then? Whether you’re looking for a taste of Norwegian gourmet dining or prefer the casual street food, you’ll hardly be able to get enough from the food selection there. There are a number of renowned restaurants in the city, including several that have earned Michelin stars. When was the last time you dined in a Michelin start restaurant?

Are you a big fan of eating fish? Say no more because the abundance of eateries serving seafood is a direct result of the area’s geographical advantages as well. Smoked fish, particularly smoked salmon, is a popular selection.

However, if you have dietary restrictions or preferences that don’t include these foods, you have nothing to worry about. Restaurant menus in Oslo also feature a substantial amount of meat.

Last but not least, the famed Norwegian waffles and the utepils, the beer the Norwegians enjoy when springtime arrives, are not to be missed if you want to experience something the locals love with all their hearts.

Charming holiday markets

In December, the Norwegian capital of Oslo low-key transforms into a wintry paradise. In most major European cities, the advent of the Christmas season is signaled by the opening of festive markets.

Winter Wonderland in Spikersuppa, which is conveniently adjacent to the Royal Palace, hosts Oslo’s most popular Christmas market. Skating at the Skippersupa skating rink and riding the Ferris wheel stand out as the most memorable activities. There are numerous workshops, vendor booths, and food stalls at the market.

The Nors Folkmuseum also hosts a popular market. This outdoor museum provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the history of Christmas in Oslo through the eyes of its visitors. All the ornaments are tasteful and fitting for the time period they depict.

But, the Christmas markets in Oslo are not the city’s only attraction. If you want to celebrate Christmas in style, the city hosts a variety of concerts and shows during the week leading up to the holiday.

Party ‘til you drop!

Although it can get quite chilly in Oslo at night, the this doesn’t stop the city’s thriving nightlife to stop. There is a wide variety of nightlife options available to suit a variety of preferences and schedules.

We urge you to check out live performances by a variety of artists, as well as comedy and film acts that will leave you wanting more. It’s important to remember, though, that certain locations enforce stricter age restrictions or require a certain level of formal attire than others.

For example, Blå is a nightclub that hosts live performances of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B in the evenings and DJs and parties later on. The minimum age to apply is 20, and employment hours change with the seasons.

How to cover as much ground as possible?

All of these things and more should be on your list when you decide to visit Oslo, but to be able to explore everything for a short amount of time requires transportation!

If you’re not comfortable with public transportation due to crowdedness, costly fares or inflexible time schedules, you can decide to rent a car and enjoy as much as possible of Oslo’s beauty. Check out this link leiebilguiden.no/norge/oslo/ to discover more helpful information.

You’ll be able to go wherever you want to without wasting time trying to catch a taxi or a bus. If you want to have amazing memories for the rest of your life, you’ll have to cover as much ground as possible. That’s why we suggest you rent a car and cover every single thing on your sightseeing list.