Villas in Corsica

Great villas in fabulous settings

Many tourists who decide to book a Corsica villas, either for a weekend or a long vacation, usually choose places in Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio and Calvi. The first two are located south of the island and the third is northwest. The north has no tourists, but it is very authentic, with a variety of landscapes, majestic mountains, paradisaic beaches and beautiful villages. Find your perfect villa and start planning your visit.

Spacious villas with swimming pool

There are several villas on the coast of the island of Corsica, suitable for families and groups. To surprise your partner with a romantic escape, Corsica is also a great place for those who are dating. Enjoy a good morning view, have breakfast on the seafront, and enjoy a nice day by the lake, or spend the day relaxing in the garden. Extensive interior, special details and great common places to spend time and create new memories.

Travelers and activities

Corsica for pedestrians

Corsica is a paradise for nature lovers and nature lovers, as its location offers a variety of hiking trails at different high altitudes. All levels are acceptable, but each person must be aware of his or her physical condition. For beginners, the Grande Randonnée 20 135-mile route crosses the mountains from Konka to Calanzana. The Tra Mare route in Monti follows the coast from east to west. Corsica Regional Natural Park is also a popular tourist destination.

Corsica for beach lovers

About 600 miles [600 km] along the sandy coast, Corsica has small lakes, beautiful harbors, and beautiful beaches. The list goes on and on. To the south of the island, head to the beaches of Porto Vecchio or to the beaches of Port Pollo in the southwest. Balagne in the north is home to the beautiful beaches and beaches of Saint Florent and the northeast of the island.

Top 5 Corsica Trip Tips

  1. The Scandola Peninsula

The Scandola Peninsula has been a nature reserve since 1957 with hexagonal magma rock formations listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The park has two distinct sections: Scandola Peninsula and Elpa Nera Bay. Explore the surrounding area and discover the Cove of Tuare and other islands, grottoes, sandy beaches and red cliffs.

  1. Take A Picture Of The Amazing Corsican Calanques.

Calanques de Piana is a magnificent World Heritage site located on the western side of the island, between Ajaccio and Calvi. These magnificent spectacular orange sandstone structures can be seen across the mainland and at sea. If you want to compliment them on the beach, you just have to take a boat from Porto.


  1. Jump Into The Spelunki Gorge.

Inland from Porto, you can visit the island’s largest attractions, the Spelunca Gorges. The river, which flows through natural rocks and lakes, is an ideal place for cooling. This place is ideal for hiking and swimming in refreshing water. Cross the Pont du Zagliawasi, a magnificent stone bridge built to withstand the occasional flow of water. This is the perfect place for a picnic.

  1. Visit The Beautiful Villages Of Ota And Evisa.

If you live in Porto for a vacation, take the time to explore the beautiful villages of Evis and Ota in the Spelunki Gorge area. Evisa is surrounded by forested hills and is a wonderful village to visit. There is a famous 3-hour trek on the old mule route to Ota, which is part of the Mare route in Monti.

  1. Discover Its History By Using Monuments.

Corsica is not only a natural paradise with beautiful beaches and cliffs but also a rich monumental paradise awaiting the traveler with the rich natural treasures left by all the island culture that for centuries.