All You Need To Know About Best Places To Visit In Australia

All You Need To Know About Best Places To Visit In Australia

Have you wondered why Australia is on every travel adorer’s bucket list? Why is it everyone’s dream to visit it at least once in their lifetime? Here’s the answer to your every question, Australia is one of the few nations which are completely developed with ultra-modern amenities and yet share a perfect blend of diverse wildlife and nature which are perfect for every traveler to satisfy their wanderlust.

If you are planning to visit Australia soon then here are some must-visit places in Australia. Adding one attraction to your Australia Tour Packages will make your holiday memorable!


Perfect destination for anyone to begin their journey in Australia, also known as Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone measuring approximately 348 meters (1,142 feet) which shares a completely mesmerizing view throughout the day with its changing colors due to movements of sunlight and its rich textures, distinct patterns, and intriguing rock formations by years of geological process.

Apart from it Uluru also shares its place with the deep impact of Anangu culture which one can explore through rock art, caves, and waterholes. Moreover, Uluru is a peaceful attraction with its wonderful landscapes and cultural roots.

Great barrier Reef

Stretching itself over 2,300 kilometers, this attraction is no less than any natural wonder with its largest system of coral reefs and tons of other underwater species. Moreover, this attraction is fully covered with activities that can be performed underwater or at different beaches, right from having the craziest nightlife at the beach with parties and cuisines to just floating around colorful corals, but what makes the great barrier reef even more special is its opportunity to witness the mesmerizing view of turquoise waters through scenic flights, boat tours, and island hopping adventures.

Great ocean Road

Most of us are passionate about having long drives at scenic places where we can be our movie characters and this attraction is a perfect place to fulfill that fantasy. Great Ocean Road is a coastal drive located at Victoria’s southern coast covering every intense feature required for a perfect long drive right from panoramic views from several cliffs, peaceful beaches, and amazing rainforests.

Some famous attractions that one can encounter through the long drive are  London Arch, Loch Ard Gorge, the stunning rock formations of the Gibson Steps, and a beautiful stack of limestones known as twelve apostles.

Gold Coast

If you are short on time and want to extract most of it then gold coast is the most perfect location where one can explore wonderful beaches with one of the most beautiful sunsets around the world, a vibrant nightlife with jaw-dropping party scenes, water sports and other beachside activities including a theme park installed at coastal region providing every kind of thrilling and world-class rides entertaining people of all ages. Moreover, it’s a perfect blend of nature, adventure, and peaceful landscapes in a  coastal region.

Twelve Apostles

Anyone visiting the great ocean road cannot miss out on these amazing attractions where one can witness the limestone stacks wonderfully standing at the backdrop of the southern ocean. One can spend an hour here without getting bored admiring the view and location with a perfectly crafted walkway giving them perfect photographs and creating some good memories at a coastal region.


One of the most renowned locations in Australia that most of us have heard of is undoubtedly an unmissable location with a wide range of attractions covering mostly arts, culture, and cuisine. To start slow one can immerse themselves in the city’s renowned lanes where one can encounter street art, unique boutique shops, and perfectly built cafes for travelers. The National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum can be eye-catching attractions for art and culture adorers while experiencing the city’s most energetic atmosphere one can ride through the tram to Swanston Street where one can also dive into the city’s bustling food market.

Kangaroo Island

Location that is jeweled with the world’s most iconic and rare wildlife species along with stunning landscapes providing mesmerizing views, a rugged coastline, and dense bushland, Moreover it is a perfect location to spend your time isolating around nature and its wonderful creations.

Flinders national park is a must-visit attraction if you are visiting this island where one can explore iconic rock formations and arch along with a wide range of wildlife.


Another vibrant and renowned location in Australia that shares the perfect urban life required for any trip right from sharing iconic landmarks and cityscapes to beaches and pubs. One can start by visiting the Sydney opera house Australia along with Sydney Harbour Bridge which shares breathtaking views from a circular quay moving ahead Bondi Beach is a perfect location for aesthetic photographs and vibrant nightlife while the historic rock district is perfect for exploring cobblestone streets, pubs, and art galleries.

Blue Mountains

This location should be the last stop to visit in Australia as it shares its home with the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes which can create a great memory for anyone, apart from it one can also discover  Discover hidden waterfalls, ancient rainforests, and breathtaking viewpoints along scenic walking trails and also take a walk Scenic Railway, the steepest railway in the world, for a thrilling experience.

Last Words

Moreover, Australia shares a  perfect blend and charm of nature right from the blue mountains to Uluru every location recreates the importance of nature while locations like the great barrier reef and great ocean road are perfect refreshment centers and at last vibrant cities such as Sydney are nothing but just magical with its art and cuisines.