What to Do in and Around Razole?

Razole or even Rajolu is a hamlet in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. This village is circled by the river Vashishta (Godavari) and even is known for its coconut and even palm trees. Manifold Tollywood directors have made the most of region around Razole as any backdrop for films. The point is this is one region that is absolutely heart winning and wonderful for visitors.

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Ramarajulanka Lake

It is time that you explore the wonderful outdoors at Ramarajulanka Lake. It is a beautiful green space in Ramarajulanka. Once you are there, you would get soothing vibes and absolutely hypnotic environment.  You can spend some quality time therein and ensure that you have a good and grateful time. Whether alone or with your friends or loved ones; you can unwind at this place. Of course, taking a few picture shots would also be a good idea.

Christ Lutheran Church

You can learn about the splendid and long history of Ramarajulanka with a visit at Christ Lutheran Church. When you are there, you can take some time spending at this place and capture some pictures too. The formation of this church would get you an idea about the environment therein.

Lord Shiva temple

If you are a spiritual person then you should not miss out on this Lord shiva temple. You can easily find out about the history of Rāzole with a halt at Lord Shiva Temple. Of course, while you get the blessings of the God in this place, you also get to know much about the region. Of course, if you have an interest in history then these temples may be a great addition to your visit. It is always mesmerising to visit this temple and praise the past of the region.

Rajahmundry Godavari Bridge

This is a gorgeous bridge that spans over Godavari river in Rajahmundry, India. This bridge is considered to be Asia’s second longest road-cum-rail bridge. The bridge is somewhat four point two kilometres. You can have a pleasant time exploring this bridge. The views from this place are really mesmerising and wonderful.

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

This is situated on the alluvial delta of the Godavari and even Gouthami Rivers at Kakinada Bay. You can get different views from this place. Half of sanctuary area is a backwater that encompasses an eighteen kilometres long sandpit. Moreover this Coringa wildlife sanctuary has a mangrove forest that actually includes thirty five plant species from twenty four different families. Of course, if you love to explore the nature and feel good then this post near Razole is a great one.

Pushkar Lake

Then some kilometres from Razole is Pushkar Lake. It is a great and cherished lake and is considered by the Hindus to fetch them good luck and even ward off all sins. Of course, you can find people dipping in this water to take blessings of the God. It might interest you that Hindus come to take a sacred dip in the Pushkar Lake for redeeming their lives. The faith of individuals is strong and so are their overall beliefs. Mortal sins completely get purged if someone spends three twilights in the city followed by following dips at three ghats. Every person, especially Hindu, looks forward to taking a dip in the Pushkar Lake once in their lifetime. Pushkar Lake is something that does rank high amidst the holy places of India.

Hope Island

Hope Island Kakinada spreads over an area of 715 acres and it is easily reachable by boat. This land space was actually naturally formed up by the sand drifting and is even five hundred years old. 23 Km long Sand beaches facing ethe tourists. Forty five mins journey from Kakinada in the ocean. Journey Ticket for you is going to be two hundred from Kakinada. It is somewhat sixteen km from Kakinada shore.

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In case you are simply searching for an exciting holiday ink and around the Razole  then this is one perfect place. It is going to get you an enlighten time, and tons of other types of fun things to do in Hope Island. It doesn’t matter if you are simply travelling alone, alongside your main squeeze, or even with your good friends or family members, this place has a wonderful things for you to explore and enjoy.


This is one of the best places that you can visit to hang out with family and friends. This is one place that is filled with lush forest, waterfalls, and even bamboo trees, it is definitely a must visiting place for the people who love nature. Maredumilli is even the best place for foodies, mainly the non-veg lovers: Bamboo chicken is well-known food in maredumilli. Of course, you can spend some distinct and good time at this place.

Kakiknada Beach

Anyone who relishes beaches should visit the Kakiknada Beach.  One of the longest coasts having a magnificent outlook as well as gentle breezes. It is somewhat tranquil and serene. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind and chill. There are manifold oysters, shells, and snails to be found. With oil tankers being in background, the vista is wonderful and breath-taking. The sunrise is equally charming and beautiful. There is a lot of seafood there for the ones who love it. Of course, you can spend some lively time at this beach. Whether with your family, friends or alone; you can simply explore the beech and get some time out relaxing and playing wallyball.


To sum up, maybe you have not heard much about this Razole in Andhra Pradesh, but once you visit there and explore the spots nearby too; you would be in love with this region. Of course, having comforting rooms booked in the right resort like Palavelli resorts would be a perfect thing for your entire holiday. Plan out one trip to this place and you would love it.