Never Heard Activities to Enjoy in Düsseldorf, Germany

Never Heard Activities to Enjoy in Düsseldorf, Germany

Filled with art, historic artistry and lush greenery, Düsseldorf isn’t just a small town in Germany located at the bank river; it has much more to it.

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5 things to enjoy in Dusseldorf:

If you are planning your visit to this culturally rich destination, then you wouldn’t want to miss on these activities down below while you are at it.

A look from the Rhine:

As Düsseldorf is a city situated at the riverbank, why not have a view of the city from the river? When visiting Dusseldorf, don’t forget to hop on some exclusive and famous cruises might sound like a little hectic if you are facing jet lag or something, but we assure you that this soothing visit on the waters will freshen you up.

There are several boat trips and cruises that offer many free of cost privileges to the tourist which includes,

  1. Free meals.
  2. Free snacks.
  3. Free booze.

Suppose you are lucky enough to get a chance to be on a sea vessel offering all this! Then make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to experience the beautifully lit historic places from the river.

Coffee and cake? YES!

After feeling a little too much intrigued with history, it’s the right time to fill yourself with some modern chic vibes. We are sure that you would love to try the local delicacies over there, and we have the perfect spot for you to have your afternoon snack but with a German British twist.

Visit the cafe huftgold for their instantly devouring coffee and cakes; this café is so unique because of the light and modern ambiance, which makes it stand out. This café is famous for its freshly made cakes and the fruity flavours in them.

Feel the mustard muse

Well, if you are a mustard lover, then visiting the mustard museum in Altstadt shouldn’t be an option for you.

There is so much that you can do over here along with tasting the unique flavoured exotic mustards; there are flavours locally made that you would never feel anywhere else including, the classic, honey and dill, coconut and, curry flavour and much more.

Around the back of this vast mustard market, you will be able to visit the beautiful mustard museum where you will indulge in the history of mustard making through the times.

Take the Tokyo tour

Do you believe in teleportation? We don’t. But Düsseldorf has some other plans for you. If you want to feel the essence of Tokyo in Dusseldorf, then we have the right spot for you.

Japanviertel is a Japanese themed quarter which is filled with beautiful and colourful stalls that contain the gist of Japan.

Here you will find shops and stalls selling kimonos, sushi, karaoke activities and much more. Not to forget about the ambiance, which is all about Japanese flowers and small ponds.

Don’’t forget the U-Bahn network

This subway network is a must watch if you are in Düsseldorf because the local artists have invested a lot of time and hard work into making the space beautiful. The art represents the essence of Düsseldorf.

These are some unique things which are a must visit for you if you are travelling to Düsseldorf in near future.