The Amenities Offered by Serviced Accommodations

The Amenities Offered by Serviced Accommodations

When contractors have to travel to other cities or towns for a project, arranging accommodation can be quite stressful. Whether it is a short-term or a long-term project, staying at a hotel is not a feasible option. Not only are the hotels more expensive, but they also do not offer many of the amenities that are important for day-to-day living. A much better alternative for contractor accommodation is a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments come with all the facilities of a traditional hotel, but with the added comfort of a home-like living situation. A serviced apartment is a more cost-effective option for contractor accommodation and it also comes with a range of amenities that are required in everyday life. In this article, we will look into the types of amenities offered in serviced apartments.

What are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartment refers to a furnished apartment that is used for short-term or long-term stays. A serviced apartment offers more than the physical dimensions of an apartment. It also comes with a range of amenities and services, the price of which is included in the rental price of the accommodation. Given the convenience, comfort and space of serviced apartments, they are a great option for group accommodation as well.

The biggest advantage of serviced apartments is that they will provide your team of contractors a feeling of home away from home. The various amenities and services of serviced apartments allow people to complete everyday tasks like cooking and washing clothes. The privacy of the serviced apartment also makes it easier for your team to relax and wind down.

Serviced Apartments Amenities

Here are some of the amenities you would find in most serviced apartments –

  • Location: Most serviced apartments are centrally located and well-connected to public transportation. These self-contained apartments are usually located in a residential building.
  • Most serviced apartments are located near stores, restaurants and gyms.
  • They come with the basic utilities of electricity and water.
  • Most serviced apartments offer free Wi-Fi.
  • Kitchen: Many serviced apartments come with a fully-equipped kitchen. You would find everything from fridge, microwave, toaster, oven, coffee-maker to cooking utensils, cutlery and dishwasher.
  • Serviced apartments also have a washing machine, besides a bathroom.
  • 1/2/3 bedroom options and a separate living area with television.
  • Other amenities: Ironing board and iron, laundry rack, hairdryer, cleaning tools, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and toilet paper.


In some ways, a serviced apartment is more of a home, as it has amenities and utilities that enable people to find more comfort and freedom than they would at home sometimes. If you are looking for contractor accommodation, then Trade Stays is the place for you. All the serviced contractor accommodation offered by Trade Stays are tailored to match your requirements. We make sure that there is no compromise on the comfort and privacy of your team. To book your stay, contact us today!