Taipei Attractions That Have To Be Considered As Must-See

Taipei Attractions That Have To Be Considered As Must-See

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is an impressive living museum showcasing both its triumphs and trials through monuments that celebrate them. Explore food markets or take in stunning modern skyscrapers before learning more about Taipei’s rich cultural history for an unforgettable trip! Numerous Cathay Pacific flights are nowadays available for tourists, including Sydney to Taipei.

Few figures on either side of Taiwan strait are as revered as Sun Yat-sen; his memorial hall overlooking Liberty Square warrants a trip out from Xinyi.

National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

The National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is an enormous, impressive building dedicated to the founding father of the Republic of China, designed and completed in 1965 by architect Wang Ta-hung and built to emphasize pan-Chinese architectural features (common to all new buildings at that time). Inside is a large auditorium, four great exhibition rooms, and museum dedicated to Sun’s life; in its grounds are places for relaxation such as flying kites or practicing Tai chi; all this within a large park setting makes this weekend getaway popular with residents of city.

As soon as you step foot into the Memorial Hall, you will be met by an impressive statue of Sun. On both sides of it are guards who perform an elaborate changing-of-guards ceremony every hour. Inside is equally as stunning with a massive covered porch supported by columns leading into an auditorium featuring an iconic domed roof made of glass – both are world renowned due to not requiring supporting columns which would obstruct viewing angles and reduce echo levels within the hall.

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Memorial Hall hosts numerous performances and concerts throughout the year, such as the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan’s Oscars). When planning your trip to Taiwan be sure to consult their calendar. In addition, their library holds an incredible collection of books which cannot be taken out – something many may find odd but nobody seems too bothered by.

Mengchia Chingshui Temple

Mengchia Chingshui Temple stands out as one of Taiwan’s most impressive temples due to its eye-catching stone wall carvings created by immigrant artisans over two centuries ago – and they make for an incredible display at this stunning site! Visit for yourself today for an unforgettable experience!

Just a short stroll from Songshan Airport, this temple can easily be reached using the MRT Blue Line and should definitely make your Taipei itinerary. Not only is it easily accessible via public transport but its popularity among locals also makes it worth your while to stop here and light incense or simply sit quietly and appreciate its spiritual atmosphere.

Even though this temple may not be large in terms of physical size, its presence still fills one with admiration when entering its grounds and taking in its overall aesthetic. Constructed over 100 years ago and renovated over time as necessary for cultural and religious services within its community.

This temple offers a peaceful sanctuary perfect for an evening stroll, especially at night when planes from Songshan airport fly overhead. Additionally, there is a breathtaking waterfall that adds even more relaxation on your trip to Taipei.

When visiting a temple, March to May is typically the ideal period. This period lies between monsoon seasons but prior to typhoon season; therefore the weather should allow you to fully experience everything this site has to offer.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park was saved from becoming another overpriced city apartment block by arts groups who saw its potential as a venue for performances, workshops, exhibitions and cultural hub. Today it features restaurants, cultural brands, art galleries and cinema for performances and other cultural events to keep visitors enthralled with art.

Borrowing from western urban-regeneration models, this early 20th-century wine factory has become one of the city’s chicest retro venues. Refurbished warehouses now host pop-up shops selling innovative Taiwanese designs; while spacious halls host ever-evolving exhibitions. Furthermore, there are stylish restaurants and cafes popular among young locals as well as SPOT, one of Taipei’s premier independent cinemas.

Legacy Theater offers some of the city’s hottest indie bands and live musical entertainment, making it worth your while to visit while in the area. Though small in size, Legacy offers excellent sound quality so be sure to catch one or more performances when in town!

While many museums can be dull and lifeless, the National Science Museum stands out. Housed within its multi-storied building are exhibits on life sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics – as well as special seasonal exhibitions that change with each season – plus there’s even a planetarium offering shows about star formation!

With its impressive collection and cutting-edge architecture, this museum is an essential stop for families and students interested in exploring science in an entertaining way.

National Museum of History

The National Museum of History in Taipei is an excellent way to learn more about Taiwanese culture and history. Housed within an impressive building with multiple exhibitions as well as an expansive park, visiting at least once is highly recommended during your stay in Taiwanese capital city Taipei.

Taipei City Museum boasts an astounding architectural design, making it a breathtaking site to visit. Boasting multiple exhibitions that will keep visitors engrossed for hours on end and offers daily services throughout Taiwan’s high travel season – perfect for family visits!

Here, you can view a statue of Sun Yat-sen. This building demonstrates Chinese architectural splendor, while entry to this free museum makes for a worthwhile trip in Taipei.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum is a small museum dedicated to local hot springs. It showcases various exhibits about their history as well as an impressive collection of ancient Chinese sculptures; thus making this an excellent way to learn about Taipei culture while seeing where these springs came from.

Xiangshan National Park in Taipei City provides recreational activities including hiking trails and an outdoor heated swimming pool. You’ll also find erosion rocks, animal stones and beach area here, while its hiking trails are easy to follow and give amazing views of Taipei below as well as landmarks from Xiangshan’s summit.