Quality Hotels Within The Caernarfon Castle Walls

Caernarfon is known for its excellent tourist attractions, as well as world-class hotels that accompany the visitors during their whole visit in the place. With numerous hotels in Caernarfon, it can be a hard choice to decide on which hotel to trust and rely upon.

Staying in a hotel must not be about the name and popularity of it only. There are also things that needed to be considered when choosing a hotel in Caernarfon. These things will provide visitors with an exceptional and worthwhile visit to the magnificent place of Caernarfon. Fortunately, the Black Boy Inn can have the qualities that meet the expectations of its customers.

Customer Service

Hotels are run by hotel managers, assistants, and other workers who guarantee an exceptional and unforgettable hotel stay. The Black Boy Inn is complete with the personnel needed by the customers for them to achieve a wonderful and exceptional stay in the hotel. From the accommodation personnel, this hotel has the best and easy to deal with workers, which help the visitors to inquire about a hotel stay easily and effectively.

Another worker such as the janitors who uphold the cleanliness of the entire hotel, as well as the room service agents is also present in the Black Boy Inn. A hotel stay will be better with such friendly and accommodating personnel.


Black Boy Inn has security services and maintenance to ensure the safety of the visitors. This hotel has security guards who make a regular patrol every hour. These security guards are fully equipped with needed materials such as emergency kit, rope, flashlights, and other else to ensure the safety of the visitors from any harm.

CCTV cameras are also placed in every corner of the hotel with focused personnel from the security room who looks and observes each camera. The CCTV cameras are in good condition which records every happening inside the residence area of the hotel and observes for any malicious activity.

Emergency materials such as sprinklers, alarm, and fire extinguisher are also placed at the very corner of the hotel for easier reach in times of fire breakout. This hotel upholds the best security processes to ensure not only the safety of their visitors but also to gain the trust and good reviews from their visitors.

Local Area

If you are looking for a hotel which has a magnificent view to look at every morning, the Black Boy Inn has it provided. The local area where this hotel is located has a rear view of the breathtaking beauty of North Wales. You will never ask for any booking for transport and guided tour to have a view of these magnificent attractions for you can see it by yourself at the window of your hotel room.

One example of that is the World Heritage Site built as a Medieval English Strength by Edward I. This place can bring you positivity and deeper understanding of the world-class heritage in North Wales.

Come now and visit Black Boy Inn for the quality hotel stay will be experienced only here!