Best Locations To View Hot Air Balloons In Cappadocia

Best Locations To View Hot Air Balloons In Cappadocia

Movies have always played a major role in stitching our dreams for travel fantasies, where we are the main character who is not bound by any restrictions, where our every experience during the vacation is accompanied by flawless beauty of the destination piped with unlimited treats to our taste buds, endless conversations with budding strangers and Happening nightlife surrounded by peace and satisfaction.

But most of us restrict ourselves by letting us believe that there isn’t any place where your fairy tale dream can come true, but what if I tell you that there is a place where you can be the main character and get accompanied by the flawless beauty of the destination?

Cappadocia is one of the most charmed destinations around the world, blessed with stunning history and remarkable demography, renowned for its Hot air balloons around the globe, which makes the sky, appear like a colour palette whose glimpses are not less than a blessing for one’s eye giving a main character vibe. Listed down are a few places which can help you fly Over Cappadocia in a Hot Balloon

The Hill Above Göreme

A sight visible from every corner of the city and can be recognized by a Turkish red flag on it, offers a perfect blend of peace and charm as one can experience balloons flying extremely close over the Göreme. Visiting it during the time of sunsets can create an amazing photograph for your mind to capture and preserve for the rest of your life.

Love Valley

An underrated place that serves stunning treats to one’s eye with its rock formations similar to a castle and one of few places where one can explore the landing and take-off of hot-air balloons without any hindrance as one cannot find a large number of crowd roaming nearby. The sight requires about 30 minutes of hiking reaching the top which shares a mesmerizing view that is worth every penny you have spent for the trip.

Sunset Viewpoint in the Rose Valley

An unmissable spot to visit in Cappadocia as the sight is not less than any movie set which surely can give goose bumps to anyone who visits’ there at the time of sunset because it creates an illusion of the sky set on fire and Hot-air balloons similar to spaceships taking-off from land.

Pigeon Valley

If you are someone who has already been to Cappadocia earlier and explored Göreme Valley to capture the scenic beauty of Hot-air balloons stitched into the sky then Pigeon Valley can turn out to be the best region to capture photographs and make memories this time as the valley is spread in a wide area with the different forms of rocks which give different angles of the wide sky from a different area. Sunsets and lush green forests make the scene from the landscape even prettier.

Sultan Cave Suite Göreme

Cave hotels that can help to make you are trip more surreal and romantic as its shares one of the best views of hot-air balloons in Göreme. One can stay at the hotel and have access to remarkable traditional cuisines along with the roof-top terrace from where one can have glimpses of the beautiful sky filled with hot-air balloons piped with an uncommon view of the entire village whenever one wants.

Koza Cave Hotel

If someone is wishing to spend the highest of their expenses to let their travel dreams come true then there could be no better option than Koza Caves as it offers a luxurious and cozy place to view the beautiful landscape of the entire city piped with the sky decorated with colourful hot-air balloons creating a mesmerizing view which can be worth of every single penny spent along with different cuisines served not less than a treat to its taste buds

Mithra Cave Hotel

A budget-friendly paradise for all photographers and travellers, that shares tons of different levels of terraces to capture the sky filled with a rainbow of hot-air balloons along with the splendid view of the entire city which gives instaworthy shots from every angle. To cheer up the view one can go for champagne or shisha adding charm to your experience.

Sword Valley

A unique and different space from every other viewpoint in Cappadocia to watch hot-air balloons as it shares a magnificent space loaded with stunning castles and remarkable rock formations differently coloured from other viewpoints. Sunsets can be the best time to visit this place as it will offer a mesmerizing view of the entire Göreme along with the flooding of Hot-air balloons in the sky making it a pleasant atmosphere and creating an urge for every traveller to visit it once.

Red Valley

A beautiful sight located between Ortahishar and Cavusin village offering ideal scenes for travellers to capture the beauty of the sky during sunsets and sunrise, a plus point that makes this sight most visited is its perfect location from where one can see the balloon’s passing by and taking-off at the same time making the landscape look prettier.

Rose Valley and Akdgad Summit

Another paradise for photographers located far from Göreme from where one can see tons of balloons floating in the sky along with the beautiful landscape of different rock formations spread in the area. Balloons in this area fly very close to the ground allowing everyone to capture them closely according to the wind direction.


Moreover, Cappadocia is full of surreal places to view Hot-air balloons from different angles and landscapes that can help every traveller to make their travel dream come true. One can reach Cappadocia by flight through Turkey tour packages or by local transportation services by Cappadocia tourism from Istanbul, after reaching Cappadocia one can use rental car services to explore different landscapes, Sunsets can be the time to explore the landscapes as it more charm to any location and make it more surreal.