10×13 Poly Mailer

The type of tape you’ll need will depend on the item you’re packaging. If you’re packaging something delicate, like a piece of glass, you’ll need to use reinforced packing tape. For heavier items, like textbooks, you can use duct tape. If you’re not sure which type of tape to use, ask a staff member at your local post office or shipping store.

In addition to tape, you’ll need packing materials to fill any empty space in the mailer and protect your item from damage. Bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and crumpled newspaper are all good options. Again, depending on the item you’re shipping, you may need different packing materials. For example, if you’re shipping a vase, you’ll want to use bubble wrap to keep it from breaking. But if you’re shipping a book, crumpled newspaper will suffice.

You’ll also need labels for your package. You can get these from your local post office or shipping store, or print them yourself at home using label paper and a printer. Make sure to include all the necessary information on the label: the recipient’s name and address, your name and address, and a tracking number if applicable.

Before you begin packing your 10×13 poly mailer, take a few moments to clear off your work surface. This will help you stay organized and avoid any potential accidents.

Next, gather all of the supplies you’ll need to pack the perfect 10×13 poly mailer. You’ll need tape, packing materials, and labels. Once you have everything gathered, you’re ready to begin packaging your item!

To ensure your item arrives safely, it’s important to place it correctly in the 10×13 poly mailer. Begin by padding the bottom of the mailer with crumpled paper or bubble wrap. This will help to protect your item if it shifts during transit. Next, place your item in the center of the mailer and fill any empty space around it with more crumpled paper or bubble wrap. Once your item is secure, close up the mailer using packing tape.

After you’ve placed your item in the 10×13 poly mailer, it’s time to seal up the package. Start by folding over the flap at one end of the mailer and sealing it shut with packing tape. Then, repeat this step at the other end of the mailer. Finally, use more packing tape to reinforce all of the seams on your package. This will help to prevent any tears or holes from forming during transit.

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The last step in packaging your 10×13 poly mailer is to add labels. First, affix a mailing label to one end of the package. This should include your name and address as well as the recipient’s name and address. Next, add a shipping label to another end of the package. You can obtain this label from your chosen shipping company (e.g., USPS, UPS, FedEx). Be sure to include all required information on this label, such as your return address and the recipient’s address. Finally, add any other required labels, such as a customs label if you’re shipping internationally.

If you’re sending your 10×13 poly mailer domestically, you can simply drop it off at your local post office. The USPS has a variety of flat rate shipping options available, so be sure to compare prices and choose the option that best suits your needs.

If you’re sending your 10×13 poly mailer internationally, or if you prefer to use a private carrier like UPS or FedEx, you’ll need to schedule a pickup. Simply call the carrier of your choice and let them know when and where they can come to collect your package.

Regardless of how you’re sending your 10×13 poly mailer, you’ll need to fill out a shipping form. This form will include basic information about the package, like its destination, weight, and contents. Be sure to double-check that all of the information on the form is correct before sending off your package!


Packing the perfect 10×13 poly mailer is easy when you have the right supplies and know how to prepare your space. With a little time and effort, you can package and ship your items with confidence.