Get Your Groove Back In Jamaica

If all the stress, tension and the soul-crushing grind of the workaday world is taking its toll on you, there’s one place you should go for a holiday: Jamaica! Luxury hotel accommodation, white sand beaches, chilled music, wonderful food and maybe even romance await those looking for peace on this wonderful island.


If you’ve seen the movie “Stella Gets Her Groove Back” or at least read the book, you might have some idea of how much a holiday paradise awaits in Jamaica. Luxury hotel accommodation offers rest, relaxation and enjoyment– and the spectacular beaches and sublime landscape are guaranteed to help you get back into the groove.

How? Here are a few ways.

The Spectacular Sunrise

If you’ve ever wondered why the term “Jamaica Sunrise” is so popular, you may need to experience it for yourself– preferably at the beach or somewhere that overlooks it. There’s also a huge benefit to getting an early start on the island, of course: you get to see more of Jamaica! Luxury hotel accommodation will definitely ensure a restful sleep, so waking early won’t be a problem. Unlike Monday mornings at home where work and stress await, here you won’t want to hit the snooze button at all, because there’s just so much to see and do.

Jamaican Adventures

It’s amazing how just being on holiday on a sun-kissed island can change your energy levels. Even those who are usually too tired to walk up a few flights of stairs at home can manage to find the strength (and enthusiasm!) to climb cliffs at Rick’s Cafe, swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios, sail down the Great Rivers and trek through acres of gardens and woodlands in Jamaica. Luxury hotel sleep-ins are great, but many people choose to head on out for the many adventures available on the island.

But you may just want to take it easy and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing Catamaran cruise on the bay with stops for diving, snorkelling or just looking around. If you want to go hiking, you can take a wander through 130 acres of tropical forest and 40 acres of landscape gardens in Cranbrook, along the Little River all the way to the cathedral-like source of the river – a 14-foot-deep pool.

Amazing Food and Drink

Goat curry; fried dumplings; jerk pork and chicken; escovitch; Jamaican patties; ackee, salt fish and fresh seafood – these are just a few of the amazing flavours of the island. Fine restaurants offer gourmet versions of these, but you should also taste these dishes the way the locals do– on the beach, in home-style kitchen restaurants, and in street side huts.

Rick’s Café and Scotchie’s are two of the most popular names when it comes to food and drink on the island, but if you explore, you’ll find more! The best place to enjoy the wonderful eats and drinks in Jamaica? Luxury hotel verandas or down at the beach, enjoying the sunset and the night sky.

Music, Dancing and More

Don’t forget the most important element– the music of Jamaica. Luxury hotel bars offer wonderful entertainment, but there are also great pubs and entertainment centres where you can take your pick of the different offerings– dance, techno, hip-hop, jazz, and of course, reggae!

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