Where Are The Best Holiday Locations For Diving

There is nothing better than going diving on a warm summer afternoon. The feel of the water on your skin as you sink into the cool ocean is amazing. Diving enthusiasts often look for new fascinating locations to test their skills and abilities. There are several diving locations all around the world that are not only beautiful, but are sure to give you a new challenge for your next diving trip. In this article, we would be taking a look at some of the best holiday locations for diving.


Best holiday locations for diving

Going diving is a fantastic way to blow off steam and relax with the family. Any one of the below locations is sure to leave you stunned by the beautiful scenery and diving experience. Gain new experiences by diving into oceans that you have only heard about or seen pictures of in magazines. Whether it is the sunny shores of Cuba, or the cool green temperate regions of the Maldives, you are in for a once in a lifetime experience.

• The Caribbean

The amazing islands of the Turks and Caicos, just south of the Bahamas, has some of the world’s best diving spots in the Caribbean. This amazing location provides a wonderful diving experience for any diving enthusiast.

• The Maldives

See the majestic Manta rays right under the sunlit waters of the Maldives. This is a spot for qualified divers only.

• Thailand

Thailand is a perfect place for relaxing and a diving. It is also a beautiful spot to relax and recover by spending time on the beautiful Phi Phi Island.

• Micronesian wrecks

In early 1944, American bombers sent a lot of Japanese ships into the bottom of the sea around Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. This is a wonderful location for diving enthusiasts looking for a little bit of adventure.

• Africa

People often wonder where one can go diving in Africa. The beautiful Protea Banks, South Africa, is a fantastic spot for diving. It is famed for its high-voltage shark dives.

• Galapagos Islands

Unique for its unusual marine life. The Galapagos Islands is another remarkable spot to go for a holiday that includes diving. With over 50 unique species of fish that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, this is the perfect location for anyone looking to be swept away with a once in a lifetime experience.

• Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another fantastic place to go diving. If you would enjoy swimming alongside hundreds of hammerhead sharks, you have to check out the Cocos Islands, which is 260 miles off Costa Rica.

• Cuba

Cuba is another fantastic location for a great diving holiday. It offers great climates and a real once in a lifetime experience. It’s a great vacation spot for would be divers and offers a relaxing holiday experience.

• Southern Red Sea

Going diving in the Southern Red Sea is the perfect holiday escape for any individual looking to be blown away with beautiful scenery and a rich environment. Its fantastic views are sure to leave you in awe. Sharks Bay is particularly popular with divers due to the amazing water visibility and marine life.

• Mexico

Perhaps an unlikely diving destination, the Chinchorro Banks south of Cozumel, Mexico; is another fantastic location to go diving.

There are a large number of beautiful locations to go diving all around the world. Be sure to visit somewhere new every time, so as to experience something new and refreshing. A useful tip would be to travel to countries where a language barrier wouldn’t be so much of a problem (but you already know that).

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