Western welfare worships Weltanschauung

The dictionary defines Weltanschauung as a German term meaning a worldly view taking into account the humanitarian perspective. This week I report on what appears to be the generosity of the welfare down under.

Australia, known as Crocodile Dundee country, is a wealthy country with a per capita GDP of $50,000. Ranked about 7th. Wealthy too, because it can afford to send welfare recipients on study tours abroad at the expense of their taxpayers.

While staying at the InterContinental Tamanaco in Caracus, I had the misfortune to converse with a young person who is best described as having Medusa like unwashed hair, eyes which penetrate and judge and a voice that is best described as a cross between Kylie Monogue and Shane Warne (more like the latter).

She introduces (if you can call it that) herself as Sarah Bath, born in 1975 and comes from Fitzroy in Melbourne. Without as much as a bat of her droopy eyes, asks, rather demands I purchase her a meal, to which I acquiesce more so for the curiosity that beset my inquiring nature.

Her greatest contribution as she claims is having “graduated” from what she referred to as “study allowance” to “new start allowance”. I was then informed that these are forms of welfare paid by the Australian government for reasons which are not made clear. Uninvited, and while a portion of vegan produce masticated within her mouth, she proceeded to rattle off what sounded like a dozen of different welfare payments that are available to the citizens.

Sarah’s other proud moment is that she never has, and has no intention of ever working for, in her words “the greedy capitalist neocon corporations”. I inquired as to how one can survive on the minimum welfare payments to which I received a smurk, a wink and a reply. “There are ways” she said, “there are ways”.
She tells me that most of her time is spent either at protests in and around Melbourne fighting what she described as “capitalist jackboots”, “climate deniers” or “greedy corporations” or assisting her beloved political party.

Of course my curiosity became the better of me and I had to inquire as to her preferred political party.

“The Yarra Greens” was her proud reply. “The only party that cares about the future of Australia”

Naturally the topic of why she is here in Venezuela arose. I was informed that Centerlink (I deduce as something to do with Australian welfare) gave her a significant sum of money to sponsor her on an international study tour. She states that the Australia – Venezuela Solidarity Network is looking at Venezuela as a role model for best-practice socialism and that “sooner Australia gets rid of profit mongers and embraces pure socialism the better” she said.

She invited me to chat with her via social media and claimed many like her (oh dear I thought), assist the cause by “infiltrating right wing neocon blogs to show them the way”.

She asked me to publish her twitter address @SarahBath1975 and email sarahbath1975@zoho.com in the event people can help “spread the cause”. I thought to myself “En pico de zamuro”.

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