Venice: A Captivating European City For A Memorable Vacation

Seven days a week include five days of work and just two days to relax and sometimes just even a day. Life seems to be cyclic moving on the same routines every day. Either, it’s a job or business, things hardly differ for individuals. Weekends too become repetitive, exploring the same places again for the sake of rejuvenation. So how are you going to get something different for that ultimate recreation?


No doubt, going to picnic is a best thing for fun and enjoyment, but there are various places, which brings you more to discover and explore. The planet has several flabbergasting spots where you could escape from your daily routines in search of some refreshments. These include many countries along with their attractions be it culture, tradition or sight seeking. You truly could expect for some memorable holidays.

Europe for instance, is one such continent which instigates ample of spectacular spots to stroll around. It includes around 50 countries with varieties of options to opt for an enthralling vacation. Wherever you travel in this continent, you would be certainly stunned by its magnificence. Out of its extensive destinations, Venice is one of the place that has managed to attract tourists from all across the globe.

The city of lakes as they say, includes some of the most incredible waterways and scenic gateways that you would have had ever come across to. The entire floating city is situated on over hundred islands in marshy Venetian lagoon. Most of the places could only be visited using a boat or gondola. This is one of the many aspects that make Venice simply distinct among other tourist destinations.

Check out some of the most visited places of Venice that would make your Europe tour undoubtedly remarkable-

  • Grand Canal- This is among 150 channels that meet the city and is by far the largest waterway of Venice. It is very well connected with St. Mark’s Basin located next to Santa Lucia Railway Station. You could hire a gondola ride to explore the charming sights of the city.
  • Bridge of Sighs- This is another attraction that makes this city notable. During the olden days, this sight was basically a cell room area for prisoners. The enclose bridge is made up of white limestone that offers breathtaking views of the city just as its name.
  • Mark’s Square-Built in the 9th century, this is the largest square in Venice, which later become the famous St. Mark’s Basilica. This has emerged as an important place for several government and other buildings along with the bell tower that draws the attraction of visitors.
  • Arsenal- This technology center and a naval base used to be the largest shipyard during ancient times. The Porta Magna or the main gate was built later on to the building. It is further made accessible for the tourists during Biennale, when the center hosts exhibition.
  • Rialto Bridge- This is the most popular bridges of Venice that is heavily visited by the tourists. Built at the center of the city, the bridge connects San Marco and San Polo. It also includes 3 walkways along with shops on sidelines. You could also opt for a waterbus or gondola to roam around this place.



Apart from these, there are various other spots in Venice that would simply make you feel speechless of their splendor. Well, one of the ways to make your holidays even more convenient and comfortable is by opting the suitable packages from tour operators that organize your holidays since the first day. So this holiday, set yourself on engaging European excursion.

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