Tips That Can Help You On Your Trip To Vietnam

From some of the breath taking rural landscapes to the exciting pace of the cities where you can enjoy the day as well the night life, Vietnam is filled with diversity which is astounding. If you want to enjoy the peaceful lakes you can visit the capital of the country Hanoi. Here you will be fascinated by the old quarters and the wide lined up trees. Northern Vietnam Travel provides you some of the best scenery of all times. You will be amazed with the amazing lakes covered with mountains.


Get done with your preparations

Before going on an exciting tour in Vietnam you must be prepared in advance in all aspects like stock up all your medications and read some of the guide books to get an idea before you actually reach there. Preparation of the schedule is necessary as it will save a lots of time in the final execution of the tourism plan. Be sure to buy the necessary sim cards to avail yourself with the internet and telephone facility. Some of the famous brands in Vietnam is Vinaphone, Mobifone and viettel.  You can even hire the whole car to hire the taxi to visit different places in Vietnam like for Sapa tours from Hanoi.


For the transportation you can hire the car or you can even take the boat as it is available in most of the cities in Vietnam. Ho chi Minh City is also a famous tourist destination in the southern Vietnam. This is famous for the role it played in the Vietnam war. This is also known as French colonial architecture . you can enjoy the food stall that line the streets of the city along with some of the famous markets like Ben Thanh Market. If  you like the taste of old architecture and rich cultural heritage you must visit the capital Hanoi.


There are many little temples in the city and the streets that are roughly arranged by the trade along with some of the famous shops where you can buy household stuff. West lake is the prime destination and also the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum that attracts the tourists. And if you want to feel the taste of beautiful island and beaches you must visit Nha Trand, it is a coastal resort city in the south of Vietnam. You can enjoy adventures like scuba diving and enjoy the blazing sunshine on the long beaches of this city.

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