Three Things To Do In Bangkok Around Sukhumvit Every Weekend

Bangkok is the Venice of the East. Bangkok is a renowned place for its temples and vibrant nightlife, Bangkok receives around 11 million tourists every year. It offers something for everyone from quiet Buddhist temples to bustling nightclubs you can enjoy a variety of things while in Bangkok. Sukhumvit is a roadside beauty of bars, pubs, restaurants, and hotels where people love to hang out with their friends and relatives. Top three things you must not miss on the weekends especially when you are visiting this highlighted area, Sukhumvit:

  1. Never Miss Your Nights

Sukhumvit is a very renowned spot in all over the world for its nightlife. Most of the tourists get captivated after seeing the night streets full of people and music inside the pubs and bars. In the Soi Cowboy, go-go dancers are looking forward to shaking a leg with you. Voices of all kinds of music and every genre of music fall in your ear. While walking along the streets of this beautiful area, the aroma of Thai and exotic cuisine can enchant you to enter a pub. Everywhere you see couples walking through the streets and dancing in bars together. In these conditions, would you be able to stop yourself?

  1. Enter The Gorgeous Apoteka

Apoteka is one of the most fashionable and charming pubs in Sukhumvit soi 11. On weekends, it is the best choice of locals. Apoteka in Soi 11 is situated just around the corner from much of Chaos and has established itself as a leading live blues venue in Bangkok, with professional foot-stomping bands playing every night of the week. Its sprawling outdoor deck and open plan bar let you enjoy the endless activities on the streets as well as the live music inside. You will fall under the spell of Apoteka after having Thai and exotic meal with a sip of Italian, Spanish and French wines.

  1. And Shopping

Sukhumvit is very popular for its shopping. Nightlife, pubs, and shopping, most probably, these three things make Sukhumvit famous in the world. For shopping, there exist malls and other shopping streets but most of the people prefer malls to shopping streets. Terminal 21 and Emporium are the best choices. JJ Green night market is another option for the people, which is the largest market in Asia. JJ night market is a good place to see the ASEAN costumes and ornaments. Pomp and show reside in these famous areas of the city.

Everywhere you go, hustle-bustle of this city can clearly be seen. If you are touring this beautiful city, you must visit its temples, museums and must do these three activities given above.

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