Think Like A Professional: 5 Essentials to Throwing a Kickass Summer Party on a Cruise

Summer is a time to celebrate and cherish the beautiful weather and long daylight hours. It is also a time to start afresh, make resolutions and dedicate yourself to fulfilling them. It is the time to dream big and work on those dreams to achieve the best in life.

All that surely calls for a celebration, doesn’t it? As fun as Christmas parties are, why stop there? There’s always an excuse to throw a party with friends or co-workers and take advantage of the ocean and summer weather. If you are planning to host one such party, how about we recommend a few kickass ideas to get you started?

Intrigued already? Let’s begin!

First up, how about partying on Sydney harbour? Long gone are those days when parties were hosted in homes and banquets. Parties on cruises are the most sought-after thing these days. They allow the guest to relax in a surrounding that isn’t confined to the four walls, breathe in the fresh air and see the best Sydney has to offer from a distance. As for the party preparations, here are 5 tips to make it memorable!

1.      Start With a Theme in Mind

Themes play a vital role in any party. They set the mood for the whole event and give the guests something to look forward too. Starting with a distinctive theme in mind will also allow you to work your way around it and set the decor accordingly. It will also determine the kind of food you will serve, the kind of music to play and also everyone’s attire for the night.

2.      DIY Things

DIY is another fun way to get the creative juices flowing and create something extraordinary from ordinary. Be it a champagne bottle label or bespoke drinking games DIYs are not only a one-of-a-kind thing but they also make everyone feel special. Ready to earn some great compliments. This is how you do it!

3.      Feature Insta-Worthy Food

The food should look as divine as you do! When hosting parties on a cruise, it is best to abstain from things like shepherd’s pies, strings of spaghetti and messy gravy. It should be kept simple, sophisticated and in small portions. That way the mess can be minimized. Secondly, feature something for everyone. Not every guest in the party will want to delve into juicy steaks or a Caesar salad. Therefore, the key to hosting a memorable party is featuring great food with choices. When deciding on the menu, be sure to consider the preferences of each guest. The same goes for drinks. Those who don’t drink must be offered with an alternative and not left empty-handed.

4.      Look Your Best

Being the host of the party, you need to look your best too. This means that whichever theme is being followed, you need to look like its epitome of perfection. Got a few ideas but don’t know how to pull them all together? Reach out to be the best Sydney based personal stylists for a unique makeover today!

5.      Play Everyone’s Favourites

Last, you need a playlist that keeps everyone entertained throughout the night. As a host, it will be your responsibility to pick out songs that match the theme. If you are going for a 70’s-inspired theme party on a cruise, make sure that the songs you choose are from that era too. This will add some authenticity to your party and believe us not, it is all about the little details that make any event great.

So as summer continues to sizzle, give your guests something to remember!!

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