The Ethereal And Spellbinding City Of Jerusalem – A Place Full Of Divine And Sacred Sites

Built thousands of years ago, the city of Jerusalem is a place full of ordinate emotions, divinity, and spirituality. The place promises much thrilling tours and exciting adventures making holidays a fun time. The city is full of historical places and every corner has a story of its own. The place has been a source of attraction and faith for pilgrims who had been visiting the city for hundreds and thousands of years. Jerusalem, the capital of Middle East hold immense importance across the world and every year tourists along with Jerusalem visitor guide flock to this saintly and alluring place to spend a quality time with the loved ones.


Besides its enthralling history and awe inspiring archeological places, there are many tourist attractions for the modern man of today. The city has a rich culture, aesthetic arts, amazing theatres, and spell binding architecture that has been the center of attraction for centuries.

Old city

At the heart of Jerusalem is old city that is outlined by a wall. The old city has been divided in 4 parts, one part is Jewish, one is Armenian, one is Christian, and one is Muslim. Within the wall are 3 significant sites that are of great sacred value for 3 religions. The western wall is sacred for Jews, the church of Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of Rock .

This place is an astonishing place with a historical background and much divinity that provide the tourists a magnificent experience for a lifetime.  Jerusalem is a highly significant place for Christians as Jesus Christ was born there and spent his life around the area.

Via Dolorosa

It is an important site in the Christian quarter. Via Dolorosa means the path of sorrows. It’s a place visited by many faithful pilgrims and tourists are attracted to the place because of its ethereal beauty and architecture.

Dormition Abbey

At the southwest of the old city is the dormition abbey. The abbey was built nearly a century ago. With its mesmerizing blue conical roof (which Madison roofers explains is a cone shape), alluring 4 ornamented turrets, and the beautiful clock tower, the abbey of the dormition is a must to visit site when on tour to the city of Jerusalem.

Other tourist’s attractions

Besides the sacred and holy sites in the old city, there are a number of fascinating sites that must be visited to make the most out of the Jerusalem tour. The city has a lively market where all modern day products and cultural and traditional ornaments and carpets are available. One can look over the entire city from the promenade and soothe the eyes with the place’s ethereal and spell binding beauty.

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