The Benefits of Choosing a Self-Catering Holiday in Scotland

Scotland has long been a popular tourist destination, being home to some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes and boasting a rich culture.  While it’s always been a popular option to stay at a hotel or B&B when visiting Scotland, many are now choosing self-catering accommodation for their stay in the country.

From Perthshire holiday homes to luxury cottages in the Highlands, there is no shortage of amazing self-catering accommodation throughout Scotland, with options available for every holiday-goer. In fact, you may stand to benefit from choosing a self-catering holiday in Scotland!


Self-catering offers plenty of flexibility when visiting Scotland, even more so than most other types of accommodation. For instance, there’s no pre-designated meal times, allowing you to choose a time and place to eat your meals.

This is especially helpful if you like a long lie on holiday, as many B&Bs and hotels offer breakfasts at pre-set times that don’t always allow for a nice lie in!

Peace and Quiet

Many people visit Scotland for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, yet this isn’t guaranteed when staying at a hotel. With other guests constantly on the move and countless staff working around the clock, sometimes a hotel is one of the loudest, most chaotic places to be!

Self-catering holidays in Scotland, such as cottages, holiday homes, and apartments, offer a much quieter stay. There’s less noise, fewer people, and plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy.

Saving Money

Eating out is always a given when on holiday, allowing you to taste the culinary offerings of the country you’re visiting, but it’s also quite expensive. Choosing a self-catering holiday in Scotland allows the chance to eat out but also make food yourself.

You can stock a kitchen with supplies for your entire holiday, ensuring you don’t have to eat out every night, helping to save a few pennies along the way. Better still, self-catering is often much cheaper than full-service accommodation, offering another way to save money.

An Authentic Scottish Experience

Visiting Scotland as a tourist is great fun, but some people want to get a real taste of what the country has to offer, and case self-catering offers just that.

With self-catering, you are visiting the local grocery stores and markets to get authentic Scottish produce, which can be used to make many great meals during your stay. You can ask the locals about the best food and drink to buy and maybe a few tips for making a traditional Scottish meal, making your stay as authentic as it comes.

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