How Students Can Revel in School Tours to the Sun

The sun is hardly a stranger to most people, but it certainly does invoke a very special kind of relaxation amongst travellers. Students who travel to warm and sunny destinations for school tours can be inspired even more so in their learning by this feeling of well-being.

Here are some wonderful sunny destinations students can enjoy while on an excursion to cultivate their education.

The uplifting sun of Spain

Certain destinations seem to carry the spirit of the sun in their very fabric. From the food, fashion, flavour, and dance, the culture of Spain is inextricably linked to the sun. Students on school tours to this nation of historical importance will have the opportunity to learn so much about the past, design, innovation whether they’re exploring Andorra, Mallorca or Barcelona. As they immerse in this history and culture, the constant sun will not merely warm but also ignite the mind. The unique line of the Sagrada Familia, the warm waters of Menorca, and the striking works of Dali will be remembered with even more brilliance under the Mediterranean sun.

The colourful sun of India

India is a place of great diversity. From its landscapes to its culture, this huge democratic mix of towns and climates defeats any attempt to simplify it into one narrow, generic set of concepts. Yet for most, the heat and light are emblematic of all Indian culture. Many students on school tours will in fact be looking forward to dealing with the high temperatures, and, while it is not at all correct to consider this nation – with its enormous breadth cradling varied urban and rural climates – is the same everywhere, there truly is an overarching, almost tangible heat. This atmosphere influences the colours, flavours and practices of the numerous facets of India, which so often intrigues and exhilarates visitors.

The ancient sun of Greece

Few places present the ideal of a sun-blessed paradise more than Greece. These beautiful islands have always drawn people from all over the world with their glorious heat and picturesque landscapes, and students visiting on educational school tours can indulge in that same allure. The white sands and azure seas have been the muse to creative minds since the time when the Odyssey was envisioned. With so many chances to immerse into historical and classical stories from Delphi, Crete, and so many other places, Greece is the ideal place for young people to blend relaxation with intellectual focus.

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