Planning A Destination Wedding In Ireland

For a truly romantic destination wedding many couples choose to get married in Ireland. Known for its romance, Ireland has three regions where destination weddings are most commonly held; Kildare/Dublin, West Ireland and South Ireland.

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Kildare and Dublin are located on the East coast of Ireland and many weddings take place in the capital city’s medieval castles. This region of Ireland is perhaps best known for its pubs, which feature the country’s Guinness beer. Winter weddings are often held here because the weather is mild. However, couples also flock to this region to have a summertime wedding without the heat that typically comes with the season. Couples also enjoy visiting Killiney and Seapoint beaches while they are there for their destination wedding. Both beaches are frequented by couples who enjoy seeing the local wildlife. Beer and history lovers, as well as those who enjoy shopping find that this region of Ireland offers them many exciting things to see and do. This includes famous landmarks such as the Irish National Stud and the Castletown House.

West Ireland is the region of choice for couples who want to view some beautiful landscaping. The natural treasures of the region mean that it is a wonderful place to capture unique and memorable wedding photos. With seaside cliffs in the background, couples will leave Ireland with photos so powerful they often feel like they are still there long after they have returned home. With villages and cities to explore along the way, couples who choose to have their destination wedding in West Ireland treat themselves to something magical. The region lends itself well to secluded weddings which are often held on the beaches of Connemara. Aside from its beaches, Connemara also boasts glacial lakes and several areas ideal for hiking and bike riding, as well as fishing. Galway City, located near Connemara, boasts well attended summertime festivals.

South Ireland is also a popular destination wedding choice. Its Waterford, Kerry and Cork counties all provide beautiful wedding day backdrops. Some of the must see attractions in South Ireland include Killarney National Park and Cork’s St. Anne’s Cathedral. It’s fishing villages and castles provide perfect locations for a dream destination wedding.

No matter where in Ireland a couple chooses to hold their destination wedding they must obtain a registrar’s certificate and give written notice of their upcoming nuptials three months before the wedding date. A period of residence in Ireland is required of any couple looking to use it as their destination wedding venue. You may need other permits as well for certain other things. If you plan to have fireworks at your wedding, even if it’s just sparklers for wedding reception guests, many areas require that you get a permit and pay a fee.

Couples that live in countries such as the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand do not need a visa to travel to Ireland for their wedding. UK citizens can enter Ireland with no passport but those who do need a passport must ensure that theirs has been valid for a minimum period of six months.

A destination wedding in Ireland is one that gives couples many options when it comes to choosing their venue. Ireland is a very romantic place to get married, so you are sure to have a fantastic destination wedding if you choose this country.

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