Making the Most of Sardinia’s Great Outdoors

While a restful, relaxing break is indeed possible on Sardinia, holidays here can also offer so much more for those who favour an active lifestyle. In fact, many people love the island as a setting for an outdoor getaway.


Amazing vistas, lush natural landscapes, sparkling seas and an interesting terrain make for an ideal setting for a huge number of outdoor activities in Sardinia. Holidays focusing on golf, tennis, cycling or running are just a few of the options. Here are a few suggestions.

Above and Beneath the Ocean

With its balmy weather and laidback lifestyle, it’s tempting to just lounge around the beaches, but that would just be skimming the surface of the area’s natural wonders. Why not go sailing, windsurfing or even jet skiing? Many of the resorts and hotels have access to equipment – such as boards, canoes, catamarans and sailboats – that will guarantee some active fun on the water.If it’s what’s under the water that interests you, there are plenty of underwater vistas to explore in Sardinia. Holidays by the beach can be made richer and more interesting with some diving and snorkelling. You can hire equipment from the diving shops and they may also offer instruction for beginners.

Exploring the Terrain

There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with nature while exercising, and there are plenty of wonderful running trails on the island, including coastal roads, mountain paths, and even city routes. Trail running is a wonderful activity around the hills and mountainous areas of the island, and the variable terrain varies from easy to challenging. The bay of Orosei for instance, with its coastal roads and its surrounding natural preserves, is a great location for running.
For those who aren’t runners, walking is a great alternative. Hiking trails abound, and the wild east coast and the Supramonte heartland offers striking panoramas best appreciated on foot. The landscape includes high plateaus, deep gorges and open coasts dotted by vineyards and meadows. Cycling is another option for those who want to explore the landscapes of Sardinia. Holidays geared around cycling can take in a range of areas, with trails situated around Alghero and Cagliari becoming quite popular.
World-Class Greens and Courts

Visitors can also make full use of some championship golf courses, with many of them taking advantage of the island’s stunning natural beauty, including its cliffs, plateaus, coasts and lush forests. For those planning to do some golfing on Sardinia, holidays should include a visit to one of the top three world-renowned golf courses: Is Molas, which has been the site of the Italian Open several times, located near Cagliari; Is Arenas Golf Club in Oristano; and, what is said to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, Pevero Golf Club at Porto Cervo.

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