Luxury Package Holidays In The Maldives

All those who are looking for the finest, luxury holiday, where excellent accommodation, cuisine, service are paramount, would do well to take into account the Maldives Islands.

The Maldives, which is officially known as The Republic of Maldives is basically an island nation that consist of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and has become one of the most popular luxury holiday destination, especially with honeymooners. The Maldives has a tropical climate with temperatures around 30 degrees and a lot of sunshine throughout the year. Every one of the 87 island resorts facet picture-perfect white sand beaches between palm groves and coral lagoons, which makes it an ideal place for a romantic and relaxing holiday in the sun.


Luxury is certainly a part of holidays in Maldives; the resorts out there are very well known for being extremely decadent and high class, featuring gourmet food, designer furniture and excellent service. You can enjoy luxury package holidays Maldives. The destination has one of the best beach-to-visitors ratios in the entire world, which means that it is very easy for anyone visiting to find their own private paradise in the sun.

The Maldives happens to be a very popular diving spot, due to abundance of underwater life and clear water. Scuba-divers can see Manta rays, sharks and also some shipwrecks along the coral reefs. While the diving experience is amazing even near the capital city of Male, the chances of encountering large pelages and water visibility increases near the outer atolls. Currents in the water can greatly vary, with relatively little inside the atolls but strong streams to be found on the sides towards the open sea. Even if you are not a professional diver, you do not have to worry at all, as the safety standards are extremely high, with well maintained equipments and strict adherence to protocols.

At night, tourists can take in the amazing sunsets and can experience the spectacular Maldivian cuisine. As can be anticipated, Maldivian foods mainly revolve around fish, particularly tuna, and draws heavily from Sri Lankan and South Indian traditions. Dishes are generally hot and spicy by British standards and use quite few vegetables, but mostly include coconuts.

So if you are in search for an excellent luxury island destination where you can experience the most spectacular scenery the Indian Ocean has to offer, look no further than luxury package holidays Maldives and check out paradise island resort.

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