Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Visit Putao Look Amazing

While Nepal is the most famous trekking destination in Asia, Myanmar is probably the most pristine country to put your footsteps.

Insider, local travel experts from Authentic Asia Tours offers some ideas of  where to go for a great walking expedition in this beautiful country :

Putao – Kachin state
Although accessing Putao is not easy and often interrupted in summer, we believe this is one of the worth-trekking places in Myanmar. The whole area is studded with snowcapped mountain, extraordinary remote villages and shadow jungle paths.

The best time to visit Putao is in winter when everything gets dry and if you want to conquer the highest peak of  Southeast Asia, make sure you prepare well to experience the cold in a tropical country

Mt. Victoria
Chin state is very mysterious, especially the area near mountain Victoria. With mild weather, incredible mountain vistas, Mt. Victoria is somewhere different from the rest of Myanmar.
The trekking here enables you to encounter different tattooed faced tribes whose culture is unique and colorful. With their great hospitality, you will have senses to capture the awesome landscapes that Chin state has to offer.

Beside the 2 waterfalls of Anisakan Falls and PweKauk Falls, PynOoLwin or Myamyo is a very interesting spot to challenge your trek passion.
Besides the mild weather, the culture diversity lures all adventurers who want to know about the hill tribes with 1-2 days trek from Mandalay. Another charm that Maymyo offers is the colonial architect and botanical garden and it looks like you travel back to the Victorian Era.

  • Kyaukme and Namshan
    These villages to either side of Thibaware also famous as trekking destinations but with very basic infrastructure. What you will love when do hiking here is the different landscapes you encounter every as well the chances to participate some exotic hill tribe markets that you may not see elsewhere in Myanmar.
    The trek often requires 3 -5 days and sometimes with visiting permit that you can get through a local travel agency.
    To reach this area, you need to hire a private car from Mandalay and arrange the tour guide in advance.

    Some Guides

  • Myanmar is more and more opening for tourists, ideas for trekking is coming with further discovery and you can browse the Myanmar Tours to see more options.
  • Flights from your US, Europe to Myanmar often takes 2 days, please take into your account at least 1 day for the jetlag.
  • Travelers need to obtain Myanmar Visa before you cross the border or taking the flight to the country.
  • The best time to explore Myanmar is from Oct to April. If you combine a trek with beach relaxation, make sure you book the beachside resort in advance.
  • Bring your trekking gears from your country.
  • Expect basic living condition if you do homestay in some local village. Bring some medicine and first aid kits.

Many area requires visiting permit, contact a Yangon based agency for this type of paper.

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