Evening Desert Safari: Experience The Ultimate Beauty Of The Sunset Panorama Of The Desert

While you are in Dubai you can enjoy a lot of different desert safari plan which will give you options to see the desert in different time. With the evening desert safari one can usually enjoy the whole package from the afternoon into the night. The  evening safari included a lot of  attraction which makes the safari plan a total entertaining package within the reasonable price.

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We phoenix tourism organizes our evening safari with such a competitive rate so that anyone can have the opportunity to savor the beauty of the desert and catch the sunset scenario with his family or acquaintances.

Timing of the evening desert safari:

At the beginning of this article I told you that by this evening safari one can relish both the sunlight of the evening and also the night of the desert. And the best part is that you can have the wonderful view of sunset in front of you in the sand sea. The tour basically starts from 2.30 PM and ends at 9.30PM.

Enjoy the journey along the way:

The evening safari is not a long drive. Especially in Dubai the evening desert safari will give you the ultimate experience of the car jumping over the sand and you can see the amazing view of the desert when the sun starts to set. The journey is the best part as you can feel the real test of driving on the sand.

Package for the evening desert safari:

We phoenix tourism offer two different packages for the evening safari:

  • Standard package: If you wish to have a tour on a limited budget and if the group is not that much bigger than this package will be perfect where we offer our exotic evening safari at 65AED.

You can also choose the pick up and drop service within the standard service within below range

  • 79AED/person for at best 4 people
  • 74 AED/person for 5 to 12 people
  • 69AED/person for 13 to 29 persons
  • 59 AED/person for 30 or more people

Deluxe package:

This package is for those who don’t want to compromise with the luxury and this package will cost you only 115AED per person. You can have your own 4*4 wheeler for the safari. Please check the below price list for your reference.

  • 124AED/person for at best 4 persons
  • 119 AED/person for 5 to 12 persons
  • 114AED/person for 13 to 29 persons
  • 109AED/person for 30 or more people

Feature of that evening desert safari:

These features or facility is for both the standard and deluxe package are available

  • Unlimited beverage like soft drinks, tea, coffee and water.
  • Beautiful location for photo session during the sunset.
  • Exotic Belly dance show.
  • Dinner and alcoholic beverage (need extra amounts of alcohol)
  • Free camel riding
  • Quad biking for some extra cash (100 to 300 AED)
  • Unlimited Shisha with Tanura show.

And then if you believe that the best path to explore the desert is by the evening desert safari then let us help you with our extremely professional and experienced team. Register now for your exotic safari tour, please click here, phoenix tourism, or you can ring us at +971552169532

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