Distance from London to Paris – Travel By Air, Train, Bus And Ferries

Traveling between the world’s two most popular cities London and Paris offers you with a number of different options. You can travel from London to Paris through airlines, high-speed trains, Euroline Coaches or Ferries. However, many people love to travel via Euro trains. It is more of a benchmark to travel on this route because of its incredible speed and utmost comfort level.

Below is a brief summary of the different transportation options that are available between London to Paris. You can choose the one that suits your requirements the best!


You will come across a number of different airline options available for traveling between the two amazing cities. On this routine you can find a number of different options varying from low cost carriers, Inter Euro flights, moreover; there are several international flights as well. On this route, you will find both cheap as well as luxurious options available. All the major European carriers such as Swiss air, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, etc fly between London and pars.  Fares on this particular route start from as low as £200.

Ferry Plus Train

When you intend to travel from London To Paris, you can consider having a Ferry ride; nevertheless, there is no direct ferry you will find from London to Paris, via ferry your trip will be completed in three different steps. First and foremost, you would be taking a train to Dover, from there you will sail to Calais and then again you will have to catch a train to Paris.


This happens to be the cheapest option when you intend to travel between London and Paris. The ticket pricing starts from as low as £100 return. Although, traveling through Euroline coaches gets very tiring and time-consuming. In London, the Euroline coaches depart from the Coach station and arrive at Euroline Coach Station in Paris.

EuroStar Trains

When you compare to the several other mediums this happens to be the best means of transportation t hat connects the two vibrant cities. It is amazingly fast I .e 300KM/Hr, economical and comfortable too. If you consider the Distance from London to Paris and traveling through the EuroStar train, then it will max take 2 hours and 15 minutes to cover the entire distance. The fares start at under £100 return on 2nd class.

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