Best places to visit in Vietnam

Why Vietnam is a perfect place to visit?

If you are thinking of a good weather, natural beauty, and historic monuments; only place that brighten your vacation is Vietnam. The perfect place to rejuvenates and freshen up with picturesque landscapesand soothing floating market.  Beautiful small land is the easternmost country on the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia along with Cambodia and Laos is the best location available for tourism.

Deep-rooted Culture

The culture of Vietnam is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia,if you are an excursionist, do not miss to visit the special Vietnam attractions and have a fabulous time experiencing the Vietnam Culture. The best part of the Vietnam is to fill an easy form, pay online, get confirmation letter and get the Vietnam visa on arrival. Many people cherish the holiday trip spent with the friendly people of Vietnam and the Vietnamese culture at the many exorbitantVietnamese restaurants in the major cities.

Exorbitant Places

A walk-able city, Dalat is a beautiful scene of French colonial architecture and villas set along with the breathtaking landscapes. Ho Chi Minh is the largest city of the reunified country, the perfect blend of historic and contemporary lure to vivacious shopping, dining and nightlife.

Lush green and idyllic scenery of Nha Trang is a popular seaside city. It is the favorite site of the many that came once never thought of missing the cherished moments of its Amusement and water parks. Also the very old and religiously archaeological site is MY Son is a scared place and significant center of religious Hindu ceremonies; temple was devoted to the worship of the god, Shiva in between 4th and 14th centuries.

The Colorful floating markets of Mekong Delta is a home for sugar cane groves, fruit orchards, rice paddies, bird sanctuaries and quaint villages. This is the biggest stretch from the Gulf of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City fed by the Mekong River feeds more than third of the country for its cultivation and fisheries needs.


As tourism continues to grow, the Vietnam government is promoting tourism to generate foreign exchange and making it a key contributor to the economy. That is why the Vietnam visa on arrival is easy to be stamped on Vietnam International Airports. Before booking your flight, make sure that your visa and passport is ready. Even on visiting, the Vietnamese government holds the right to ask for a tourist visa before entering into the country.

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