5 Myths People Perpetuate to Ignore Family Travel Insurance

If you’re going abroad with your loved ones, then a decent family travel insurance package is an absolute must. Expanded medical coverage, airlifting/medivac coverage, protection for ticket cancellation, theft coverage, coverage for loss of property – all these and more are what you get from a package designed specifically for families.

The problem, however, is that some people intentionally avoid getting travel insurance regardless of its benefits. Why? Here are some of the more notable myths they tell themselves to justify their avoidance of travel insurance:

Travel Insurance Isn’t Worth the Money

Some people are put off by the immediate costs of family travel insurance, especially when they are forced to spend less on their trip because of it. Believe it or not, those that believe this the most are actually the ones who require insurance the most. A hundred or so pounds for your whole family is nothing compared thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds if hit by an unexpected dilemma while in a foreign country. Spending a little money to prevent a greater expense later on may feel like a waste when nothing happens – but when something does happen, oh boy will you realize how much money you saved!

Caution Be Damned – You Only Live Once!

It can be tempting to just drop it all and go for an unplanned vacation with your loved ones, but this ignorance and recklessness can lead to disaster if you are caught unawares. Granted it can feel liberating to act on impulse; choosing to go ahead and have a ton of fun without worrying about anything else in the ‘real’ world. The problem, however, is that focusing too much on the excitement will not magically prevent the ugly and dangerous from marring an otherwise wonderful trip.

Acquiring family travel insurance is actually not that hard or time-consuming, and the Internet makes it a lot easier to avail of good insurance packages. It is well worth the time and effort to at least get basic travel insurance – just in case.

We Know Where We’re Going, and We Know What to Do

Familiarity with a location is not always a good thing – especially when that familiarity leads to complacency. Those that are intimately acquainted with the various ups and downs of their destination may know where to go and where not to go, but this familiarity sometimes leads to less vigilance and more careless behaviour. Knowing the existing dangers also does not mean that you’re immune from other dangers. If familiarity was as protective as it would seem, then nobody would become victims of disease, accidents, crime or natural disasters – unfortunately, though, it’s not, so family travel insurance is still important when going abroad.

Nothing Will Happen to Me

Simply believing that nothing will happen to you does not necessarily mean that nothing will happen to you. This sort of careless thinking is pretty commonplace for those with an exaggerated sense of destiny or those that believe they have a divine connection that shields them from all harm. As long as they hold certain beliefs or perform certain rituals, they believe that nothing bad will happen to them. The simple fact of the matter is that tempting fate is never a good idea. A divine lesson in humility will not only serve to temper the arrogant, but will also cause a lot of physical, spiritual, emotional and financial damage in the process.

I’m Already Covered By My Bank/Carrier/EHIC/Credit Card

The travel coverage provided by the abovementioned services is simply no substitute for fully-fledged family travel insurance – especially when you read the fine print. It is a common tactic for banks, carriers and other financial services to offer some form of travel insurance. When you read the terms and conditions, though, you’ll find that the coverage is far from comprehensive. They are sometimes even deceptive, with terms that provide little to no protection if you run into trouble while abroad. Even the European Health Insurance Card will not help you out when you need emergency evacuation.

The good news is that the government is stepping up legislation and enforcement. This is forcing financial services to either conform to the standards set upon family travel insurance providers or to stop offering sub-par insurance in the first place. Still, it is a much safer bet to work with travel insurance agencies that actually make a living from offering insurance.

Keep these myths in mind, and you’ll be able to better understand the myths surrounding family travel insurance and just how destructive they can be when left unchecked.

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